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The Brisbane "Raw Food & Healthy Living" Community Group

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Public Speaking Secrets Revealed

Health & Energy With Raw & Living Foods by Frederic Patenaude

(introduction to low-fat vegan)

Start New Year 2011 with fresh new resources for energy and vitality.

When: Saturday 29th January 2011

Where: Chermside Library, Meeting Room No 2

375 Hamilton Road



Frederic Patenaude is Canada's foremost expert on the raw food eating habits.

He is the author of the book The Raw Secrets and reaches over 30,000 people

every week with his blog: www.RawVegan.com

At the event you will discover:

  • Can the raw food diet become your fountain of youth and health?
  • Five easy ways to combat aging during this event
  • How to achieve ideal weight and maintain it effortlessly
  • Four transition strategies to get rid of bad habits and acquire new ones in a flash
  • How to increase your energy naturally and without stimulants
  • Seven signs that the diet you are on (even if it's raw) is not working for you
  • Why most raw food diets are unhealthy and what to do instead
Click on a short video below:

Bookings & Enquiries:


07 33113773



Saturday 17th July 2010, Chermside Library. 2pm to 6pm

Tyler Tolman & Ancient Secrets to Optimal Health

"THE DAYLIGHT DIET - An Evening with Paul Nison"

Thursday 27th May 2010, Banyo Library. 6pm to 9pm

Nerang, Gold Coast

Banyo, North Brisbane

Divine Eating for Superior Health and Digestion with Paul Nison

Experience the most successful diet on the planet

Paul Nison is internationally acclaimed author and raw food chef. This is his first Australian tour and his first visit to Brisbane and it is his only evening lecture that is exclusive to The Brisbane "Raw Food & Healthy Living" Community Group.

"Did you know when you eat is just as important as what you eat? It can determine your total health and wellness. Raw food chef and author Paul Nison has studied the topic of health and digestion for years and will share information no one else is talking about!"


  • Ideal times to eat for best digestion
  • Best times to be awake and go to sleep
  • How to overcome late-night binging
  • How to balance weight & gain energy
  • How to build immunity to fight disease

16th January
Chermside Library, Brisbane, 2pm - 5pm

The Brisbane "Raw Food & Healthy Living" Community Group

Theme of the month: "Grow Your Own Organic Food At Home"

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14th December 2009 Parliament House, Canberra:

Meeting with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at the private lunch. I had an opportunity to discuss with him issues about Climate Change and Global Warming just hours before he flew away to Europe to attend The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

No matter what solution they will come up with, I believe that the current situation of this planet is just at the stage of the cycle. It's a natural cycle that is a part of evolution of this planet called The Earth.


Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and I

12th December 2009 Chermside Library, Brisbane, 2pm - 5pm

The Brisbane "Raw Food & Healthy Living" Community Group

Theme of the month: "Observing the world of impermanence"

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Learning to overcome reacting to what is happening around us as well as within us many find quite challenging and frustrating at times.

Wouldn't it be more peaceful for you to be able to just observe and see things as they really are with a quiet and attentive mind?

At December meeting (last one this year) Rado Trenciansky will share his recent experience from Vipassana - a silent 10 day meditation retreat in Pomona on the Sunshine Coast.

Vipassana Meditation Retreat, Pomona, Sunshine Coast (Pomona Mountain in the background)

4th November - 15th November 2009

Vipassana - Silent Meditation Retreat, 10 Days, Pomona, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Accommodation at Vipassana

17 October 2009 Slovakia, Gelnica – Health & Motivation Workshop

Warm welcome by the promoter

10 October 2009 Slovakia, Gelnica – Rado’s Book Launch

The book is written in English as well as in Slovak Language

The book is now available in major bookstores throughout Slovakia and Czech Republic

Friends at the book launch

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