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Rado Trenciansky

Rado Trenciansky was born in the small town of Gelnica, Slovakia, in 1975. His desire to achieve more than was possible in his home town under the restrictive Communist regime motivated him to travel to Prague. There Rado attended a lecture given by world-renowned business philosopher Jim Rohn which gave him a new sense of direction – one that he decided to pursue. Now he was determined to one day travel and achieve more, so after several years in Slovakia studying and working in the mechanical engineering field, Rado went to England to improve his English. He stayed there for over three years, initially studying and gaining work experience in several well-established companies. From here his innate curiosity, passion to meet new people and love of travel took him to over 30 countries throughout Europe and Australasia.

Arriving in Australia in 2002, he took up studies in Information Technologies whilst working in several local businesses, always keeping a steady focus on staying in the best of health while under such a strenuous work schedule. Rado continually stretches himself to reach new heights in his own development and works to empower and inspire others to achieve their dreams. Along the way he has had the good fortune to be personally trained and inspired by such highly successful people as Dr John Demartini, Mark Victor Hansen, Joel Bauer, Paul Zane Pilzer, Harry S Dent, Don Tolman, Tim Hallbom, Joel Comm and many others.

Rado currently lives in Brisbane Australia where he is developing a simple system that would allow people just like you, and families like yours to achieve greater health and wellbeing resulting in improvement in all other areas of your life.

Rado's Qualifications include:

Beck Health & Nutrition Sydney - Prevention and management of overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes
The NLP Institute of California - Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Re-patterning
Health via Food Nutrition Coaching - Raw & Whole foods